The Business Backpack

My dad is kind of a weird guy. Last summer, when I was getting ready to move to SF, I spent a day basically tagging along with him as he wandered around Seattle theoretically “running errands” but mostly looking for an excuse to drive my GTI and go to Costco. 

That’s where I encountered The Business Backpack.

So, my dad’s number one hobby is hanging out at Costco, and I’m not making that up. I also love Costco so I didn’t mind going with him to see what weird ass adventure it would be.

I lost track of him for a while and just sat by the cart waiting for him to come back. And sure enough, my dad comes up and looks super stoked about a backpack he’d found, and put it in the cart.

Now… My dad has like a fuckton of bags and backpacks because he travels a lot, so I asked why he needed a backpack. He literally had a packpack with him while he was holding his next potential backpack. 

He said, as though it is the most obvious thing in the world, that it’s going to be his “business backpack.”

When I then asked what the fuck a “business backpack” is, he said “for when I need to go business backpacking, duh.”

He then wandered off, chuckling to himself and repeating “business backpack.”


He bought the backpack and later mailed it to me AT MY JOB because he “found a different backpack” and “thought I needed a professional backpack.”

I now own a business backpack.

Dank Meme Dad strikes again.