My name is Kristin and I live in San Francisco, CA – I’m originally from Seattle, WA. Two cities where a hoodie is 100% appropriate wear just about anywhere. Stylish.

I’m a grown-up and I spend about 9-12 hours a day adulting at my job in the game industry, where I herd nerds, schedule things, and make sure nothing goes wrong, while at the same time encouraging crazy antics and making sure there’s beer in the fridge. I’m a combination of Galion and Lindir, in other words.

Above: Actual photo of me at work.

I consider myself a pretty serious Tolkien scholar; I have Many Opinions™ about the Professor’s world and characters. I’m known to write long-winded examinations and theories on the subject, and currently am working on a talk that I am going to give in public to a captive audience about how the Sindar fucked up the first age. I mean, honestly, part of why I started this blog was to talk about this stuff.

Speaking of being a dork, I have two tattoos, which are both Silmarillion quotes and are in Quenya:

Left: “I cardar yar caruvalmë nauvar i tama lindíva” (The deeds that we shall do shall be the matter of song)

Right: “Á tulë i ciryar uryar” (Let the ships burn) and the Star of Fëanor

They were translated into Quenya by the wonderful Quenya101 and the left arm was done by Nina at Ink & Paint Tattoo in Seattle, WA; the right was done by Grace at Diving Swallow in Oakland, CA. I can’t possibly recommend either of them enough; they’re fantastic artists and chill people.

One of my main hobbies (outside of art, gaming and writing) is role-playing, which I’ll gladly tell you about if you want to ask, but much like telling people about your dreams, talking about your RP to people who aren’t into it can be a little boring.

I had to give up (for now) cross-stitch, which I love desperately, because of my severe RSI, but I took up bullet-journaling (which I’ll definitely post about) instead. My other hobbies include but are absolutely not limited to watching boring documentaries and weird PBS shows, goth/industrial clubs, Burning Man, art, writing, and having weird hair. I like the idea of cosplay but I’m not in “the scene” so I have great outfits and nowhere to wear them until I figure out where to go dress like an elf.


Fëanor Airwë, High King of the Back Yard  – 2010-2017

The most amazing and wonderful cat in the history of all Arda passed away into  last month, and I’m still devastated without him. His name was Fëanor, and I think about him all the time. I miss you, Feen.