Let The Ships Burn

“What I have left behind I count now no loss; needless baggage on the road it has proved. Let those that cursed my name, curse me still, and whine their way back to the cages of the Valar! Let the ships burn!”

— Fëanor, The Silmarillion

It’s funny; I don’t often have a lot of difficulty writing volumes and volumes, but I’ve had a good deal of somewhat-unreasonable stress surrounding starting this whole thing. But then I thought that I am probably trying to plan too much, and  I should just jump in and start.


This is what I look like.

Intro time: My name is Kristin and my life isn’t incredibly remarkable; I live in San Francisco, and work in the game industry — I herd nerds, whip schedules into shape and keep the office from burning to the ground. I may or may not be a pile of chicken nuggets in a trench-coat. I am definitely an actual Nazgûl and probably a sorcerer.

I am an artist and a writer as well, and something about which I am very knowledgable and extremely passionate about is the writing and world-building of JRR Tolkien. I am in the planning stages of a project involving that, which you’ll find here eventually. I’m still working the kinks out of the project, but will be updating as I go. Might as well talk about the process, yeah?

I also do a great deal of thinking and writing about art, internet culture and self-image, which I’ll go into more later as well.

Things will be under construction around here for a while!

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