Yes, Hello

What a month April has been.

I was excited to make a fresh start with this blog and get everything rolling, with a bunch of artistic energy and then 48 hours in my cat died and everything went to hell. I kept it up for a while trying to distract myself with art but… well, that worked out great, right? Yeah.

I’m still barely even coming to terms with that. How can he be gone? And I just found out that Suna, my ex-partner’s cat – the one Fëanor was living with – just passed away as well, but this was more expected, as she was very old and in not the best of health. It hurts; I loved Suna very much and she was a good friend to Fëanor.

Here’s hoping that May will bring better things. I have so many big ideas and I need to get the ball rolling again. The future will bring lots of writing about Tolkien, more art if my RSI allows me to draw as much as I like to — before it got really bad, I had grand ideas about doing live-stream art sessions! — and various other bits and pieces from my world as I try and hammer out what this blog is going to be. 

So I’m still alive and kicking, I guess. 

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